About Jane

Dr. Jane Riley is one of North America’s most respected Personal Trainers. Dr. Jane had her own fitness and wellness radio program for years, and has given countless lectures, written numerous articles on fitness, health and well being.  She has worked rehab-ing accident victims, helping those who are overweight, training world ranked athletes, children with developmental issues, dancers, models, recreational athletes, and those in need of nutritional guidance Dr. Jane has implemented many nutritional programs that have greatly improved the health of  athletes and non- athletes alike.

Dr. Jane ran a fitness academy for many years to certify trainers to the national requirements, and was a regional trainer assessor. Dr. Jane works with you to develop a program that will be very effective, and quickly achieve the results you want. Dr. Jane works with clients privately who are determined to make a life change.

For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Jane has been improving the lives of many dedicated clients. Dr. Jane is selective about the clients she accepts into her training program, then carefully guides each client towards achieving optimal results. Dr. Jane’s techniques, education and experience  make workouts fun, challenging, and a bit different each time.

Dr. Jane holds a EdD (Psychology) from California Coast University, Master’s of Science (Gerontology: Aging Services) from The University of Massachusetts-Boston, Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Psychology from The University of Western Ontario, and is a Certified Behavioral Change Specialist and Certified Nutritional Specialist by The National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is internationally certified in personal training, pilates, yoga, nutrition consulting and senior fitness. She is also a certified CPR/First Aid instructor.